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grow, cultivate, and prove your financial readiness

The current money system just isn't working for young adults. We're on a mission to change that.

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what's a readiness score™?
Your Readiness Score™ is a snapshot of your current financial health and wellbeing, with actionable insights and next steps based on your current financial situation and wellbeing. Unlike traditional scores, you'll know exactly what you need to focus your energy on so you can cultivate and improve your Readiness, feel more confident in your decisions, stress less and live more.

the building blocks

utilising your data to prove your readiness

real time open banking data

Unlike credit scores, we use the best of your real-time banking data, using secure Open Banking processes, so you can get a true, fuller picture of how your spending reflects your Readiness. We operate strictly in read-only mode too, so no login details needed.

behavioural insights

We factor in things like your feelings of confidence, anxiety, and spontaneity when it comes to your money, ensuring your Readiness Score™ truly reflects your current financial health and wellbeing. Pretty different to usual scores that focus solely on credit!

it's your data, own it

The power of your data is in your hands. You'll always know what we’re doing with it and how we’re doing it. You can retract permissions at any time.

cultivate and build your readiness
Using the best of Open Banking and AI tech, we're able to focus in on exactly what you need to do right now to cultivate and build your Readiness Score™. That's actionable insights that you can put into practice right now so you can stress less and feel more confident in your money.

sarah, 25

"There's a caring feel that's different from other money apps"

harry, 22

"I feel like I'm finally drawing the connection between my stress and my money"

danny, 19

"Great for people with anxiety as it made me feel calm and reassured."

2.2 million
young adults in the UK don't feel in control of their future
That’s 1 in 3 young adults
of young adults feel anxious about their money
get a score you can count on
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frequently asked questions

We operate strictly in read-only mode, which is a fancy way to say we can’t move your money around, or see any sensitive information. We're also regulated by the ICO, the UK's leading authority overseeing data protection and privacy, so we can guarantee that your data is safe and secure.

Nope! We don’t share or sell your data with anyone. It’s your score, your data, and you ultimately own it. We take data privacy and transparency pretty seriously. Our use of data is actually award winning too, but we don’t like to brag.

Good With emerged out of lived experiences. We know first hand the stresses and anxieties money can bring. We know this because we’ve been through it, or are still venturing. We’re also regulated by the ICO, which means we are held accountable for how we process your data, so you can be assured that your data will always be private. On top of that, we're supported by trusted institutions, such as Plymouth University and the University of Exeter.

As we're in closed beta, we're offering you exclusive first dibs on trying out our beta app and being amongst the first to get a unique Readiness Score™: a snapshot of your current financial health and wellbeing. Find out how you really feel about your money, with insights and next steps developed by our team of psychologists. So you can cultivate your Readiness with your wellbeing in mind.

Honestly? Same bestie. That's exactly why we're building the Good With app. Because budgeting is not the one-stop solution to money stress like people say it is. it’s so easy to be a little too optimistic about what a reasonable budget is, that it so often leaves us feeling bad about not sticking to it. Because life happens, and adulting is actually really tough. Simply being aware and noticing your spending habits works better for your head space and ultimately your money.

With your Readiness Score™, you can cultivate your Readiness with our FinIQ™ pathways, created by psychologists and proven to reduce money anxiety, so you can know the stuff about money you actually want to know. You can then put it all into practice by tracking your spending against your mood. That’s quick insights into exactly how your money affects your mental health. Not sure where to start? You'll get tailored next steps with your Readiness Score™ on what to focus your energy and do next.

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