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self care, but for your financial head space

Manage, learn and stress less about your money with a financial wellbeing app built by psychologists.

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your financial wellbeing ally
because adulting is haaaarrrdd
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  • award winning
  • built by psychologists
  • making the adulting thing less stressful
We may be in beta, but we'll still bring the good vibes.

get paid to detox your money

it's your money, own it.
take part in our wellbeing impact study
Better financial days are just on the horizon, and you can get paid to detox your money whilst our app is still under construction. Take part in our study, get exclusive beta access, and join our mailing list all right here.
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Banish the FOFO (fear of finding out) and replace it with the feeling of being in control, using features built by psychologists rather than banks.

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Keep things tailored to your needs, goals, and personal situation by unlocking a deeper understanding of your relationship with your money.

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Cut the guesswork with actionable insights that you can put into practice right now. Everything in the app fits seamlessly into your everyday life, whether that’s spending 2 minutes on the bus chatting with your financial wellbeing ai bff 🤖 checking your budgets before completing your 2am shopping spree 👀 or dissipating that headache around credit with a 5 minute lowdown.

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We know how stressful money can be. We know because we've been through it (or are still venturing!). We may be in beta, but our mission is simple: adulting with less stress and more good vibes. And it all starts with our sense of financial wellbeing. Help us make the best financial wellbeing app out there.

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Whether you’re feeling anxious, stressed or stuck, or just want to take a moment to check-in, you’ve got a financial wellbeing ally there for you to work through it together. And a range of tools at your fingertips for instant money good vibes. Get that money peace of mind you’ve been looking for at last.

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good with your data

The power of your data is always in your hands. You'll know what we’re doing with it and why. And we make sure to keep things safe and secure.

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