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the good with story

Good With what, exactly?
goodwith team enjoying paddle boarding

a bit about us

Hi. It’s us. Good With. We’re the anti-bad-vibes money app built by psychologists bringing good vibes to the world. Our team also consists of data scientists, developers, and humans (mostly) who know first hand the stresses and anxieties money can bring. Adulting is hard. Money is complicated. Money advice is generic. We know this because we’ve been through it, or are still venturing. It’s not like they make it easy when it comes to the intimidating world of money and personal finance.
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what we do

It’s like a money app, buuut not really. More like a money app that’s actually got your back (and wellbeing). We take a scientific and psychology-based approach to money, and our app has been proven to alleviate financial stresses. From all the way down the Cornish coast, we’re building an app that goes beyond the norm. Create life-changing money habits that support your mental health, and learn the stuff about money you actually want to know. Put simply, We’re building the first money app that factors in mental health for ultimate money-good-vibes and stress-free living. Yay!

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Open Banking Awards finalist 2023


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SPARKies Awards winner 2023

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FinTech South West Awards highly commended 2023

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start-up of the year

FinTech South West Awards finalist 2023

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meet the faces behind the app

Although our chatbot may not be entirely human, the rest of us at Good With are
Photo of Gabriela Isas
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Gabriela Isas
CEO & Founder
Gabriela is the team’s Organiser-in-Chief. Beyond gigging (both the boat-rowing and singing kind), Gabriela has years of business experience - being amongst the first cohort of Innovate UK’s Women in Innovation.
Financial Superpower: Connecting the dots...
Photo of Ellie Kallis
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Ellie Kallis
Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder
Ellie, AKA the Data Overlord, oversees the planning, design and implementation of all things AI and data related. Ellie enjoys the more adventurous kind of hobbies such as sea swimming, climbing and secretly watching EastEnders when people aren’t looking 🤫
Money Toxic Trait: Avoidance
photo of Rory
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Rory Spanton
Behavioural Data Scientist
Coming from a PhD in Psychology, Rory enjoys working with data to understand how people think and behave. Outside of work, you can often find him sketching, relaxing in nature, or playing ball with his cat, Monty 🐱
Good With: Cheese and wine
Photo of Nathan Copeland
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Nathan Copeland
Research & Marketing
When Nathan isn’t tending to his ever-expanding plant collection or making friends with the neighbourhood cats, he enjoys writing or delving into a good book as a part of his English & Creative Writing degree. Favourite book you ask? Piranesi by Susanna Clarke 😌👌
Good With: Overthinking 🤯
Photo of Vicky Root
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Vicky Root
Behavioural Data Scientist
A recent PhD graduate in Clinical Neurosciences, Vicky has presented her work at multiple international conferences, and has written for popular science publications on all things science and behaviour-related. Since graduating, she has started growing her own food to perfect her pro-chef-cooking flavours
Money Toxic Trait: Buying the more boujee foods 😏😋
Photo of Sam Skerrett
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Sam Skerrett
Behavioural Insights
With an MSc in Applied Neuropsychology, Sam has been working within the realm of psychology for over 12 years now empowering individuals through psychological upskilling. When she isn’t reading minds or eating superfoods, she spends most of her time with her little boy - serving pro-mum-moves.
Special Power Move: Mind reading 🔮
Photo of Helen
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Helen Lieu
Content Creator
With extensive experience in graphic design and a degree in Graphic and Media Design, Helen is our Content Creator at Good With. When she’s not making a gif or spending hours in Blender, you’ll find her doing other crafty things like crochet 🧶 and more niche crafty things like making magnets out of clay.
Good With: Making a *good* cup of tea
Photo of Alex Dolan
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Alex Dolan
UI & Brand Design
A native Texan, Alex has been on the hunt for good hot sauce since she moved to the UK to complete her masters at Oxford University. In between her hot sauce hunting she works with all things art and design for Good With - from interfaces to branding to animations and more.
Good With: Painting worries away ✨
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Daniel Monk
App & Software Developer
Having won a fair few Game Jams (rapid-fire game creating competitions), Dan is part of the dev team who brings the Good With app to life. He's a pro at finding a good deal whilst thrifting, unless it comes to video games where he's happy to splurge (just a little...)
Special Power Move: Minimal sleep requirement
Photo of Athul
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Athul Krishna
Full Stack Software Developer
An avid advocate for continuous development and learning, Athul is poised to become a tech sensation. Sit back and Chillax! Let him do his thing.
Financial Superpower: Discount detecting
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Support young adults, whatever their starting point and barriers, to attain their goals and make adulting a little less daunting.

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To empower people to achieve their goals and access fairer finance through a modern, transparent, fair & ethical, and holistic view of their potential.

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Equity. Empowerment. Empathy. Collaboration.

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