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wait, is this adulting?

let's talk about it

feeling good with:

what is a readiness score™?

your ultimate pathway to feeling good with your money

The current credit system is broken. But what if there was a kinder, fairer way to boost your capability (or what the big guns like to call “creditworthiness”), confidence, and wellbeing all in one place? continue reading

how to feel good with your money

money apps suck! find out how to actually detox and declutter your money

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photo of people having fun

why track my mood and spend?

getting the most out of using the Good With app by keeping tabs on the important stuff

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illustration of open banking working on your phone

what is open banking?

and how can it make your life a whole lot simpler?

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monopoly board

budgeting methods don’t work

the psychology behind budgeting methods and why they’re so hard to stick to

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different money pots representing different ISA's

what actually are isa's?

and how do I know if they're right for me right now?

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gen z male meditating

using cbt to feel good with money

what is cbt? and how does the power of psychology set our app apart?

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gen z sitting on a train

why is adulting so tough?

and why does it feel like no one really talks about this more?

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piggy bank

what exactly is a personal savings allowance?

your tax-free ticket to saving smart and growing

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fca logo

our response to new fca consumer regulations

and how we’re working with financial services to bring our ethos of right product, right time, fair price to life

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the team paddleboarding

hi, from good with.

I don't know about you, but it's been suuuper busy here

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