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We only talk about the money stuff that's actually worth knowing

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the psychology of black friday

it's not you, it's capitalism

Black Friday is the time of year that truly tests our self-control. It can indeed be an opportunity to save money on things you’re already looking for, but it can also be a rabbit hole of unruly spending, leaving you with more than you bargained for... continue reading

happy people

your 2-week money detox challenge

get paid to detox your money by taking part in our wellbeing study and detox challenge!

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different money pots representing different ISA's

what actually are isa's?

and how do I know if they're right for me right now?

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gen z male meditating

using cbt to feel good with money

what is cbt? and how does the power of psychology set our app apart?

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gen z sitting on a train

why is adulting so tough?

and why does it feel like no one really talks about this more?

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piggy bank

what exactly is a personal savings allowance?

your tax-free ticket to saving smart and growing

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fca logo

our response to new fca consumer regulations

and how we’re working with financial services to bring our ethos of right product, right time, fair price to life

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the team paddleboarding

hi, from good with.

I don't know about you, but it's been suuuper busy here

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your credit score as a tinder match

why check my credit score?

It’s kinda like your Tinder profile. You want it to look as good as possible for ultimate good vibes.

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climbing to good credit vibes

everything you need to know about credit

know what’s actually worth knowing about credit in just a few mere minutes

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inquisitive emoji with a magnifying glass, inspecting

what your credit report and score actually means

everything you need to know about your credit report so you can stress less and vibe more

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trophy and rainbows

Check My File explained

what is it? what does it do? how is it relevant to me?

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