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here's the scoop

We’re building the next generation of money coaching apps which will build your money confidence in a safe, supportive, confidential, and personalised way.
We're ready to start testing our financial wellbeing product, and we’re super happy to have young adults like you helping us develop the app and making it the best it can be.

project outline

We're interested to see whether feelings and attitudes, such as anxiety about money, change while you are using the app. So, in addition to testing the product, we are asking users to share some information about their mental health and wellbeing when they first download the app, and then again after 2 weeks of using the app. 

how can you help?

For this research, we are asking participants to:

- Download the beta version of our app, and any updates we release during the testing phase

- Regularly engage with the app throughout the testing phase

- Complete a selection of questionnaires at the beginning and end of the testing phase (2 weeks)

You will be paid £10 at the end of your two week exploration. At the end of the study phase (after you have used the app for 2 weeks), there will also be an optional paid interview (conducted via Google Meet: £20 per hour) for us to gain your feedback. With your consent, provided at the start of the interview,  we would like to record these interviews. All feedback and question answers will be anonymised and only seen by the Good With research team. 

what will we do with your data?

- Your data will be added to a dataset, which will store the data from all our users.

- We will use the data gathered about your wellbeing to see whether it has changed whilst using the app.

- We will use the data obtained through the app to monitor changes in financial behaviours and capabilities. 

- Your data will be combined with other participants’ data and used to develop and improve AI models that are working in the background of the app

- Your feedback and any interview responses will be used to directly inform the development of our app.

anonymity guaranteed

Your data will be collected, processed and stored pseudo-anonymously and you will be given a unique identifier instead. This means that when the data is processed, your name and address will not be visible to the researcher. 

We will use the unique identifier to link your bank accounts, demographic information and psychometric test scores together. This provides us with a full picture of your financial situation without us being able to identify you personally. By doing this we can understand patterns of human behaviour, and financial decision making more generally. 

At your end, the unique identifier can be used to withdraw your data from the research at any time. It is your right to withdraw your consent at any time, and you will not be penalised for doing so

privacy ensured

We operate within the strict boundaries of UK-GDPR legislation, which means that:

- We will process the minimum amount of data necessary to achieve our goals. 

- We will not share your data with anyone outside of our organisation.

- We will not process any special category data, such as information about your religious or political beliefs, your health, or your sexual orientation without your explicit consent. 

- We have identified a legal basis for processing your data. 

- We respect your rights to access and withdraw your data at any time. 

Full UK GDPR legislation can be found here ->

And you can check out our privacy policy here -> 

storing your data

Your data will be stored under a unique identifier code, which will be provided to you when you sign up to participate in this research. We will keep a record of your email address so we can link you back to your data if you lose your unique identifier. With your consent we will keep your email address so we can contact you with news and information about our app, or to invite you to participate in future research. We will not store your name and full address. 

Your data will be stored in our secure database hosted in Google Cloud Platform. Only researchers who are directly involved in developing the AI product will be able to access the data. A single individual will be assigned to store your email address against your unique identifier. This means the researchers who are processing your data will never be able to link your email address back to the data. 

We will store your consent form for as long as we hold your data. 

We will store your personal data for a maximum of 6 years.

impact-free processing

There are no negative consequences associated with participating in this research, but you can feel great that you are contributing to ensuring the financial wellbeing of all our future users. 

If you are happy with the project outline and would like to participate, please complete the consent form which will appear in the app when you first log in. If you do not consent to taking part, you may still access the app and your data will not be included in the research project (note, this means you will not be reimbursed £10 for your participation).

Contact us with any questions you may have at

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18-30 year olds in the UK struggle with their financial wellbeing.
That's 60% of young adults
of young adults feel anxious about their money
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