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Check My File explained

what is it? what does it do? how is it relevant to me?


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  • Credit scores are confusing. Save the stress and the time with a report that does it all for you.
  • The first step in upping your money game is knowing your credit score and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Credit scores are confusing. And it’s not a you issue. It’s a them issue. 

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Credit scores are decided on unique criterias, so you might see a credit scoring system of 1-100 all the way to 1-1000. 

On top of this, a score that works well for a credit card company might not be a score high enough for a mobile phone service provider. So a score that is deemed high with one lender might not guarantee you approval with another.

everyone has a credit score, even if you've never thought about credit before, so the sooner you take control of it the more peace of mind for you in the long run

Checkmyfile gives you the stress-free breakdown of your credit score so you can take the next steps into taking control of your money. 

It gets info from multiple UK credit checkers and puts it into one place so you can see your credit strengths and weaknesses.

Checkmyfile is a great way to see if you have any credit issues that might prevent you from getting what you want now and in the future.

what if I've never dealt with anything credit related?

If you don’t have much of a credit history, getting your report is a great way to visualise what’s missing and what you need to do to fill in those blanks so you can prove to banks and lenders that you’re good with repaying money.

what if I already have a credit card?

If you’ve got a credit card already, it can feel stressful and daunting handling it. But checking your credit report can help you get some peace of mind and help you figure out what you need to do going forwards.

financial wellbeing: feeling cool, calm, and collected with your money in confidence
ready to feel cool, calm, and collected with your money?

Get a stress free picture of your credit report and see what your credit vibes are in under 10 minutes. Check My File has been Good With Approved 👌 Get a free 30-day trial (then £14.99 a month) that you can cancel at any time here

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