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grow, cultivate, and prove your financial readiness

The current financial system just isn't working for young adults. We're on a mission to change that.

what's a readiness score™?
Your Readiness Score™ is a snapshot of your current financial health and wellbeing, with actionable insights and next steps based on your current financial situation and wellbeing. Unlike traditional scores, you'll know exactly what you need to focus your energy on so you can cultivate and improve your Readiness, feel more confident in your decisions, stress less and live more.

what makes up

your financial readiness?


This shows you which emotions are driving your financial thoughts and feelings.

future proofing

Shows whether it’s been a splurgy or a savvy month, or if you’ve found the balance between the two.


Indicates how well you’re balancing essential purchases, savings, splashing out, as well as how on-time your regular payments are.

spending power

Indicates how far your money goes each month and how mindful your spending habits are.

2.2 million
18-30 year olds in the UK don't feel in control of their future
That’s 1 in 3 young adults
of young adults feel anxious about their money
get a score you can count on

the building blocks

utilising your data to prove your readiness

real time open banking data

Unlike credit scores, we use the best of your real-time banking data, using secure Open Banking processes, so you can get a true, fuller picture of how your spending reflects your Readiness. We operate strictly in read-only mode too, so no login details needed.

behavioural insights

We factor in things like your feelings of confidence, anxiety, and spontaneity when it comes to your money, ensuring your Readiness Score™ truly reflects your current financial health and wellbeing. Pretty different to usual scores that focus solely on credit!

it's your data, own it

The power of your data is in your hands. You'll always know what we’re doing with it and how we’re doing it. You can retract permissions at any time.

cultivate a mindful money practice
Create life-changing money habits that works with your mental health and wellbeing.

sarah, 25

"There's a caring feel that's different from other money apps"

harry, 22

"I feel like I'm finally drawing the connection between my stress and my money"

danny, 19

"Great for people with anxiety as it made me feel calm and reassured"

become a founding user
The current credit system is broken. Join Good With as a founding user and contribute to fairer finance. As a beta user, you'll have exclusive access to the app, unlock your Readiness Score™, and the opportunity to shape features through your wonderful feedback.

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