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financial pathways built for peace of mind

Stress less with modular pathways built by psychologists, and know what's actually worth knowing about money.

everything money in one simple place

Our FinIQ™ pathways are built for peace of mind. You can select bite size modules based on your interests and personal situation, so you can make that money thing feel a little less daunting. No gatekeeping. No jargon.

using the best of cbt

Our team of psychologists use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to make pathways actionable and empowering. Proven to reduce money anxieties, you can develop your financial IQ with a range of topics from self-care to credit cards, and everything in between.

financial wellbeing in your pocket

Everything fits seamlessly into your everyday life, so you can put it all into practice right now. Whether that’s spending time on the bus to declutter your thoughts, or dissipating that headache around credit with a 5 minute lowdown.

of our users feel less anxious about their money after engaging with our finIQ™ pathways for just 2 weeks
according to our 2024 impact study
feel more confident with their money
they didn't really cover this kind of stuff in school

our impact

don't just take our word for it!

sam, 19

"The new concepts introduced in the app have definitely changed my perception about my money."

mik, 24

"I feel a lot more in control because I just feel like I'm more informed about money."

try your own mindful money practice

financial wellbeing in your pocket

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