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the anti-budgeting budgeting tool

Practice money mindfulness by tracking your mood alongside your spending.

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track your mood and spending

Did you know that our mood can heavily influence how we spend (or not spend) our money? Make your money go further towards the life you want to live by keeping track of the important stuff, and unlock deeper insights into how your brain reacts to your personal finances.

how it works

mindful money practice

hook up your bank account

Securely hook up multiple accounts for a comprehensive overview of your spendings, categorised automatically. We keep things secure and private. No login details needed. Strictly read-only mode.

check in with your feelings

Tracking your mood in the Good With app means you get to see exactly how your mood and spending habits influence each other. That's a fresh way of understanding your relationship with your money.

put it all into practice

Get personalised and actionable insights based on your mood and spending, so you can be intentional on exactly where to focus your energy.

it's cool to spend money

Lowkey? Budgeting sucks! Instead, try a mindful money practice that keeps you aware of your spending, but without the restrictions. Being more aware doesn’t mean limiting yourself, it just means noticing what you’ve spent.

develop a mindful money practice
Create life-changing money habits that works with your mental health and wellbeing.


frequently asked questions

We operate strictly in read-only mode, which is a fancy way to say we can’t move your money around, or see any sensitive information. We're also regulated by the ICO, the UK's leading authority overseeing data protection and privacy, so we can guarantee that your data is safe and secure.

Nope! We don’t share or sell your data with anyone. It’s your score, your data, and you ultimately own it. We take data privacy and transparency pretty seriously. Our use of data is actually award winning too, but we don’t like to brag.

Honestly? Same bestie. That's exactly why we're building the Good With app. Because budgeting is not the one-stop solution to money stress like people say it is. it’s so easy to be a little too optimistic about what a reasonable budget is, that it so often leaves us feeling bad about not sticking to it. Because life happens, and adulting is actually really tough. Simply being aware and noticing your spending habits works better for your head space and ultimately your money.

If you feel confident in your spending habits, that's great! But did you know that our mood can heavily influence how we spend (or not spend) our money? By tracking your mood and your spending together, you can unlock deeper insights into how your brain works and reacts to your personal finances. Using Good With, you can strike that perfect balance in your financial wellbeing and make your money go further towards the life you want to live.

CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a psychology-based approach that helps you identify and challenge negative thoughts, patterns, and behaviours for better mental health. At Good With, we used CBT-based approaches to our features to assist in recognising and tackling unhelpful thoughts and behaviours related to money, empowering you to create healthier financial habits and overall wellbeing. Good vibes all round, basically.

We get it. Money is boooring, and adulting is tough. We try to keep things light and airy so you're never overloaded. No jargon, no nonsense, no gatekeeping. And everything in the app fits seamlessly into your every day, so you can find pockets of financial wellbeing in your own time, whenever that works for you.

feel like detoxing your money?
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