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why is adulting so tough?

and why does it feel like no one really talks about this more?

Adulting is hard... There are so many 'firsts' when you're in your 20's, with things like moving out, starting uni (leaving uni), landing a new job, or even going travelling, but it’s not as easy as it all sounds (or looks on social media). Everything about being an 'adult' revolves around money, and with so many huge life milestones in your 20's, it all boils down to being financially independent, savvy, and equipped.

If you’ve not been bestowed the secret-money-knowledge, support, or even the right messages about money when growing up, managing money can feel incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing. These feelings can lead us to cope in unhelpful ways like avoiding looking at that bank balance (Fear Of Finding Out) or overspending for 'just pet essentials'. But this just reinforces those negative feelings. The cycle can feel never ending.

At its core, the Good With app is all about knowing the stuff about money that's actually worth knowing, but in a way that actually supports your mental health and wellbeing.

the psychology behind it all

Earlier this year, we put our app to the test to see just how effective our app is at reducing financial stress and anxiety. And so we asked a group of Plymouth University students how they felt after using the app for a couple of months.

The most important thing that we found was that before using the Good With app, everyone had struggled with challenges and worries associated with adulting and didn’t feel like they were prepared.

Some of the things we found were:

  • That feeling of unpreparedness? Gone. Users instead felt supported and confident about the steps they were taking towards adulting.
  • Users became aware of the stigma surrounding money and realised how important it is for our wellbeing to talk openly about money and ask for help if we need to.
  • There was a shift in mindset when it came to money too. Instead of feeling stressed, guilty, and anxious about their money, users felt more reassured and thought more about how financial decisions they made now would impact them in the future.
They also became aware of how their personal thoughts and feelings affect their spending habits, and how change in one area can impact the whole cycle.
  • When feeling worried about money, instead of avoiding their bank statements and going on spontaneous shopping trips, users started talking to friends and problem solving by setting goals for themselves.
  • Generally, those using our app felt more confident about managing their money and their ability to plan ahead, and they learned about what money meant specifically to them.

good with money, good with wellbeing

Arguably the most significant thing to note is that you're not alone! 81% of young adults in the UK feel anxious about their money right now. It's this financial anxiety that is stopping us from growing and actually enjoying life as we get older and things become more real or stressful.

With these findings, we've been able to further develop and improve our app, tailoring to adulting struggles and worries that are most experienced by young adults (things that actually matter to you), so that you can feel confident about managing your mind and money wellbeing. 

fancy a money detox?

good vibes are waiting in the Good With beta app

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