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what is a readiness score™?

your ultimate pathway to feeling good with your money

The current credit system is broken. But what if there was a kinder, fairer way to boost your capability (or what the big guns like to call “creditworthiness”), confidence, and wellbeing all in one place?

Your Readiness Score is a snapshot of your current financial health and wellbeing based on your spending, thoughts, and feelings about money. It shows you a comprehensive breakdown of your relationship with your money, like whether you're always tempted by that cheeky Friday night takeaway, how stressed you’re feeling about your money right now, and whether you've been mindful of your spending.

Unlike traditional scores, you'll know exactly what you need to focus your energy on so you can cultivate and improve your Readiness, feel more confident in your decisions, stress less and live more. 

So what are the building blocks of your personalised Readiness Score?

the breakdown

your money mindset

How do you really feel about money? Money impacts everybody differently, so it’s useful to start understanding your unique relationship with money. Get the lowdown on what aspect of your financial head space you need to focus on right now, so you can take control of your money worries and build your confidence. That’s building towards money good vibes for ultimate financial wellbeing.

🧠 how we’re using cbt to heal our relationship with money

spending power

Your spending power is an indication of how far your money goes each month. It’s not judging your outgoings, but more so mindfully understanding your spending habits and whether you’re spending above the red line consistently. By understanding your current spending power, you can work towards making choices that will better align with your goals and needs, supporting you to stress less and live more.

🤑 why track mood and spending together?


Are you more of a spenny splurger or a savvy spender when it comes to your money? Life’s all about balance ⚖️ and it’s actually good to splurge sometimes if it means looking out for your head space. Your future-proofing score tells you if you’re more tempted by those short-term gains or if you’re more of a ‘lock it away for future plans’ kind of person. It indicates what your financial foundation looks like right now, how frugal you are with your spending, and how likely you are to buy those new trainers you’ve been eyeing up in the sale 👀

💰 budgeting SUCKS, here’s why


Your regularity score essentially shows how consistent you are with your money, and how balanced your spending habits are. It gives you a good indication of how well you’re balancing essential purchases, savings, and splashing out, as well as whether you pay your Netflix subscription on time or not. Ultimately you’ll be able to see if you’re a consistency icon when it comes to money.

💸 how we use Open Banking to simplify your money

it's your score, own it

As you spend and learn more about money, your score will change to reflect your new knowledge, behaviours, and feelings. You can use your Readiness Score™ to track improvements in your financial health or identify parts of your relationship with money that you’d like to work on.

The more you use the Good With app, the bigger and better the picture we can build for you. Connect your bank account, tell us about yourself, and let us do the rest ✌️

fancy a money detox?

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